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Terminator Salvation 32″ Fixed Guns Arcade for Auction!


Terminator Salvation is a light gun shooter Arcade released in 2010. It is developed by Play Mechanix and published by Raw Thrills. It is an adaptation of the Terminator Salvation feature film by McG.

This Arcade Game is being sold through the Live auction this Saturday June 21st. A top money earning Coin Op Video Game sold to the highest bidder. Similar game shown for Sale on eBay priced $4995.00


Player plays the role of John Connor during the war opposing the human resistance to the machines of Skynet. The game consists of two selectable missions: objective of the first mission is to seek and destroy the secret lab where Skynet conducts experiments on humans. The purpose of the second mission is to escort refugees to a safehouse and destroy Skynet. Player faces whole armies of T-600, T-7T, Aerostats and Mototerminators. He can find grenades, shotguns and miniguns on his way. During some sequences, it is possible to use heavy machine guns mounted on vehicles (helicopter, pickup).

The weapon (a customized M4A1) has a magazine of 60 bullets. To reload, players press the bottom of the magazine (when they use one bullet or more) or, on some deluxe cabinets, shoot outside the screen. But the latter was discontinued as players simply need to aim their gun outside the screen. The button on the side of the weapon is used to throw grenades. in the Standard version, despite acting like the deluxe and super deluxe cabinets, the gun is cosmetically similar to the Pulse Rifles seen in Aliens Extermination (but without the LED counters used for Aliens Extermination).

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