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SEPT 12th Anaheim Arcade Auction

Partial List Update:

Dance Maniax 2nd Mix
Crisis Zone
Gunman Wars
Beat Mania 4th Mix
Beat Mania Complete Mix
Super Chase
Battle Gear 2 (Double)
Techno Drive
Namco Truck
Vampire Night
Death Crimson OX
House of the Dead
Ninja Assault
Cyber Command
Time Crisis
Keyboard 3rd Mix
Harley Davidson
Rapid River
Landing High Japan
Landing Gear
Sega Street Fighter
Sky Target
Dragon Fire
Rave Racer
Skin’s Golf
Namco Car Racer
Alpine Racer
Crossfire 39
Need for speed underground
Need for speed underground
Nicktoons racing
Rockin bowl o rama
Tokyo cop
Tokyo cop
Top skater
Tokyo Wars
Time Crisis2 single
Time Crisis2 single
Johnny Nero
Crisis Zone
House of the Dead 2
Area 51
Daytona twin
Star Wars Pod Racer
Target Terror
Star Trek Voyager environmental.
Gauntlet legends dark legacy
Police trainer

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Quick Guide to Monitor Tube swapping

Here’s an example of a tube swap. This documents a successful tube swapping by James Sweet

Always DISCHARGE tubes before working on monitors.

Donor TV Monitor
1. This is the TV the tube came from. It is a good example of the type of set to look for, early to mid 80’s manufacture, 19″, not really worth anything even working so they’re not hard to find for free when they’re dead. 2. The monitor as recieved, the tube has severe phosphor burn and an intermittant heater to red cathode short.
TV open Purity rings
3. This is the inside of the TV. 4. The purity rings on the TV tube, showing the markings made with black pen to enable them to be reinstalled in the exact position they were in.
TV Tube Yoke transferred
5. Tube removed from the TV. Removed the purity rings, yoke, ground strap, degaussing coil and any other hardware. 6. The yoke from the monitor moved over to the TV tube and the original purity rings are reinstalled.
Chassis transferred Burn free
7. The monitor frame bolted up to the TV tube and the wiring connected. Any hardware such as a ground strap and degaussing coil that were on the monitor are moved to the new tube. 8. The now completely burn-free monitor.
Monitor finished
9. The finished monitor.

Once the swap is done it’s nessesary to align the yoke. It helps if you have a game that can produce solid red, green, and blue screens as well as a crosshatch.

Set the monitor on something solid and power it up, you should have a picture but it will likely be crooked and the colors screwy. Degauss the tube, preferably with an external degaussing coil. Take care not to move the monitor while adjusting it, if you do you’ll need to degauss it again or the earth’s magnetic field will screw up your adjusment.

Display a solid green screen and slide the yoke back until it hits the purity rings then slowly slide it forward until the color is uniform. Rotate it to get the raster level, then tighten the yoke clamp. Display solid blue and red screens and adjust the yoke as nessesary to obtain good purity.

Now display the crosshatch and tilt the front of the yoke up and down to adjust convergence in one direction and side to side for the other. When you have it as good as you can get it, install the rubber wedges and secure them with a blob of caulking or hot glue.

Follow up by displaying color bars and adjust the RGB drive and bias controls on the neck board to obtain proper color balance. The manual for any color monitor should contain fairly detailed instructions for doing this.

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The Captains New Arcade Auction Date


Saturday September  12th @ 11am

150+ Coin Op Arcade & Pinball Machines,

Bulk Vending Machines & More

Consignments Limited, Call for details

Captain’s Auction Warehouse

4421 East La Palma Ave.

Anaheim, Ca. 92807


Our Store is Now OPEN!

Monday thru Friday

9:00am to 5:00pm

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Arcade and Bulk Vending Parts

Captains Auction Warehouse has a bulk supply of Arcade and Bulk Vending parts and is now selling directly to the public. We have everything from Jamma boards and harnesses to buttons and joysticks for all cabinet types. We are also selling monitors, power supplies, marques, front glass (upper and lower), coin doors, coin mechs (25 and 50 cent), and a large supply of varying game boards. This is all in addition to our already existing supply of Pinball Games, Arcade Machines and Bulk Vending supplies that is updated on a regular basis.

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Things to bring to an auction and how to get your new purchase home.

Here is a list of things that would be very helpfull for your arcade experience. This is not a complete list, nor do you necessarily need everything on this list. It is just to quickly get you up and running.

1. Money
2. a vehicle capable of safely transporting games
3. Driving directions to auction location
4. Flashlight
5. Tools (phillips & spade screwdrivers, socket set, pliers, etc.)
6. Tape measure
7. Calculator
8. Pen
9. Clipboard (For notes about games and recording the auction Prices)
10. Paper
11. List of games indicating which are JAMMA
12. Fine point permanent marker
13. Tarps
14. Hand Truck and or Dolly and ratchet straps
15. Moving blankets
16. Duct tape
17. Long rope
18. Tie downs/Bungee cords
19. Cell Phone
20. Camera

The following is from This is a wonderfully helpful, especially to someone that has little or no auction experience.

Getting Games Home
From BYOACWiki

How do I get my games home?
Besides money, the most important (and often neglected) item to bring to the auction is proper transportation for hauling your purchased items. Make sure you have a vehicle which can handle the items you are planning on buying. Always try to account for more room than you think you really need; not only for a safety margin, but also for those unexpected deals that pop up. Be sure to bring a tape measure and make sure you measure your vehicle’s dimensions. You don’t want to purchase a game only to find out later that it won’t fit in your vehicle. Games usually have to be out of the place by a certain time the same day, and then you’ll be stuck. Be sure to check out every game you are interested in purchasing during the preview period (see below for more info on preview periods). Try to attend with at least one other person so that they can help you move your purchased items. The items may be big and difficult for one person to move. Bring a dolly, and make sure it’s strong enough to handle the weight of the machines.

BTW, If you are renting a vehicle (Uhaul, Ryder, etc.), be sure to check out cost and conditions for milage, out-of-state transport, one-way use, and those sorts of things.

Can the auction company deliver my games to my home?
At many auctions, some operators will offer to transport games in the general vicinity of the auction for a fee. The auction company often makes an announcement before the start of the auction to notify people of anyone offering this service. If you decide to go this route, be sure to get all details ahead of time (cost, insurance, what if they break an item, etc.). The auction company has no part to play in this; they just announce the names of those offering this service. Use at your own risk.

Removal of your purchased games
Bring items to secure any games in your vehicle (rope, tie downs, etc.). If your vehicle is uncovered, bring enough tarps to protect your games from the weather. Make sure the items are loaded and secured so that they will not move at all during transport. Otherwise they will get banged up or broken when you accelerate and brake the vehicle.

SAFETY – This stuff is heavy and they are generally awkwardly weighted. You do not want to hurt your self or others because the game movement gets out of control. If you feel that you can not get the game moved by your self, GET HELP. Blowing out your back is not a good exchange for having a game at your home. Use your brain and do not do anything stupid. If you are stupid, use someone elses brain.

Videogames are top-heavy and tip easily. They are also sometimes (actually most of the time) very heavy. A hand truck is a great thing to use. Protect your game though. Place a packing blanket around your game. Ise a ratchet strap to strap the game to the hand truck. Then move the game. If you are moving one with a flat dolly, be sure to keep it level unless you have someone holding it upright. Stressing the point again: VIDEOGAMES TIP EASILY! Getting it into your vehicle is another place you really need to watch what you are doing. You do not want to scratch or break you new toy. When loading videogames and pinball machines on an uncovered vehicle, be sure to not face the front of the machines forward. The pressure of the wind when moving at highway speeds may break the glass.

Pinball Machines
Pinball machines are difficult to move. You most likely will not be able to use a dolly with them. If you’re lucky, you may be able to borrow a pinball machine mover; otherwise, you’ll end up carrying it to your vehicle, and they are HEAVY! When transporting a pinball machine, it’s probably best to not remove the backglass (the glass with the artwork which faces you and has the scores) or topglass (the glass covering the playfield). It’s too easy to drop them. If you do remove, avoid placing them flat on a hard surface; stand them up. If they do break, they usually shatter into a million pieces. Backglasses can be extremely difficult to replace as parts are hard to find, no longer being made, or are repro which are also expensive. If the back of the machine folds down onto the body of the pinball machine, place cardboard or a blanket within the fold to keep the parts from touching, and to cushion them.

Dart Machines
Most dart machines can be separated into two pieces (top and bottom). Check for this. If you end up disassembling a dart machine, be very careful when doing this as the top can easily tip off and crash to the floor. Also note all connections so it will be easier to reconnect later.

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Partial Auction List

Greetings and welcome back to the Captains Blog.
Today I am going to post a partial list of the games that is going to be auctioned off at the upcoming July 25th auction.

Getaway Hi-Speed II Pinball
RUSH 2049 Driver
Big Buck Hunter
Police Trainer2 Deluxe Environmental
Gun Survivor Biohazard
Ninja Assault 33” monitor
RIDGE RACER V Twin Arcade Battle Racing
L.A. Machine Guns 50” Deluxe
Namco Cyber Cycles
Buck Rogers
Crazy Taxi Sit Down
Crazy Taxi Upright
Gacha Capsule Vending Machines
AllStar Sticker Vending Machines
Northwestern Gumball machines
Pachinko Machines
Slot Machines
Air Hockey Table
Star Wars Pod Racer Deluxe
Star Wars Pod Racer
Stun Runner
Cueball Wizard Pinball
House of the Dead 2
Street Fighter Alpha2
LAX Rotory’s
VRS Ticket Redemption Game
VRS Ticket Redemption Game
VRS Ticket Redemption Game
Ghost Hunter Ticket Redemption Game
Star Wars Trilogy Upright
GI JOE 4 player
Punisher 25″
Pole Position II Sitdown
Jr. Pacman
Operation Thunderbolt
Mortal Kombat

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The Captains Auction Format

Captain’s Auction Warehouse

Hello and welcome to The Captain’s Blog. This Blog is going to be used to help those that are interested, get a better idea of how our consignment auctions work and what we are going to have at our upcoming auctions before they actually happen. Thus cutting out the “guess” factor and giving the bidders a better understanding of our current auction style and a clear idea of what we are going to have to offer on auction day.

Consignments are items brought to our location by various Companies, Independent Operators and Individual item owners to be sold at our Auction Warehouse. Currently we specialize in Coin Operated Arcade Games, Pinball Machines, Bulk Vending, Redemption and all other types of coin-op.

Below is our basic information for Captain’s Auction Warehouse.

a.Highest bidder purchase price= “15% buyer premium on top of winning bid”
b.We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Cash.
c.We allow following business day for item pickup as long as items are paid in full by conclusion of auction.
d.You do not have to wait until end of auction to take your item.Pay and remove directly is allowed.

Want to sell items on consignment? see below:

Currently we only accept consignments within the coin-op industry.

a. We accept equipment no earlier than 3 days before the auction unless approved.
b. We will not be accepting equipment the morning of the auction.

Consignment Auction Fees
a. $10 per item entry
b. $10 buy back/reserve option
c. 15% seller commission ( $100 cap each item)

Time and Location
Every 6 weeks on Saturday(check our current page for dates)
Preview starts at 9am and bidding begins at 11am
We are located at:
Captain’s Auction Warehouse
4421 East La Palma Ave. Anaheim Ca, 92807

End of Auction
The Captain prefers bidder/buyers to collect items won at auction immediately after payment, on the day of the event. Special arrangements can be made if pickup is not possible on auction day.

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