Consignments are items brought to our location by various Companies, Independent Operators and Individual item owners to be sold at our Auction Warehouse. Currently, we specialize in Coin Operated Arcade Games, Pinball Machines, Bulk Vending, Redemption and all other types of coin-operated equipment as well as collectibles and unique items.

a. Highest bidder purchase price = “High Purchase Bid + 18% Buyers Premium ONSITE / 18% Buyers Premium ONLINE” + Sales Tax 
b. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Cash. 3% Discount off of Buyers Premium Only for Cash or Cash Instrument (ACH or Wire Transfer).
c. We allow following business day for item pickup as long as items are paid in full by conclusion of auction.
d. You do not have to wait until end of auction to take your item. Pay and remove directly is allowed. Our staff can help.

Want to sell items on consignment?

As well as coin operated equipment we now accept other consignments for special consideration such as Art, Antiques and other unique collectible items. Please contact us directly for further details and limitations.

a. We accept equipment for auction consignment Monday thru Friday 9 am to 5 pm.
(All consignments subject to approval)
b. We will not be accepting equipment the day of any auction.

End of Auction
The Captain prefers bidder/buyers to collect items won at auction immediately after payment, on the day of the event. Special arrangements can be made if pickup is not possible on auction day.

Captain’s Auction Warehouse